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We have looked for many years to find a cable that will actually charge quickly and will not break at the first sign of use. We finally found it, We started off with just lightning cables becuase they were the ones that were in the highest demand for a good quality cable that won't break. after we had such great success with those, we branched out to the other main stream versions. And then we found it difficult to find a Power Supply that would actually truly deliver the 2.1 amps necessary to do a quick charge. We looked for another year until we found the very best ne that we could find. We spent so long becuase we wanted to be able to put our name behind something that we trust. we did extensive testing until we found that just the products here have our backing and full support as a set of products.

We offer a Full Life Time Warranty on our products if they are used together. normal wear and tear is covered. and you will likely notice that the warranty is not needed, but we have it covered nonetheless.

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